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All the videos have been filmed in the lovely studio, Le Jardin du yoga, in Chailly, Lausanne


Breathe, Move, Self-reboot

I am very happy to have collaborated with Daniela Laverde for this special yoga bundle. 


It is your very own tool kits to hit your refresh button. You’ll find a mixture of conscious movements classes (yoga&pilates), breathing exercises and meditations, simple recipes to nourish your soul, tips&tricks to form positive new habits and live mindfully.  

This program is designed to anyone curious about movement and mindfulness.

All the videos and files are downloadable  from the google drive, in order for you to practise whenever you feel like! 

Price: 49.-  (after your purchase you will get an email from POWr with subject: order received. This will give you acces to the drive with all the videos. Check your spam and drop me an email in case you haven't received it.)

If you prefer, you can pay by TWINT (0786944061) and write "your email + yoga package 2" and I'll send you the links by email.

In this yoga package: 

1. Yoga classes

  • Morning flow (Clélia, 35min): Start your day with movements with this energizing flow that will open, strengthen and lengthen your entire body to make you feel uplifted for you day ahead.

  • Grounding flow (Clélia, 15min): A short practise to find your inner calm and feel the support of the ground.

2. Pilates

  • Glutes (Daniela, 42min): Fire up all the muscles around your glutes with traditional pilates sequences that will target even the deepest tiny muscles.

  • Core (Daniela, 13min): A short practice to activate your center of energy, your core. Explore different ranges of motion to awaken and strengthen your abdominal belt to protect your spine, digestion, improve posture and everyday functional movement.

3. Meditations

  • Breathing meditation (Clélia, 14min)

  • Body Scan meditation (Clélia, 10min)

  • 5 Senses meditation (Daniela, 16min)

4. PDF documents:


  • You'll find 15 pages with step-by-step guide to create new healthy habits in your everyday life!

  • A little recipe booklet with delicious vegetarian & gluten free recipes

5. Eye-pillow

  • A voucher from minimal organics to get your perfect eye pillow for your Savasana!

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